Iraq Political News: Iraqi delegation meets Hillary Clinton in New York

BAGHDAD / NINA / the Iraqi delegation participating in the meetings of the session / 67 / of the General Assembly of the United Nations met with the U.S Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

A statement for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that both sides discussed the U.S- Iraq relationships and the work of the joint committees of the strategic framework agreement.

The statement issued today pointed out that “the Iraqi delegation stressed, during the meeting, the importance of the U.S. support for Iraqi efforts aimed to get out of Chapter VII and address the remaining issues with the State of Kuwait in a spirit of constructive cooperation and respect for the shared interests of the two countries within the framework of international legitimacy resolutions.

The statement said that the Iraqi position, concerning the Syrian crisis, was presented during the meeting and emphasizing the importance of the political transition process and stops the bloodshed, adding that Iraq supports the UN and Arab envoy’s mission in not to militarize the conflict as well as discuss the status of the Syrian refugees in Iraq.

The statement noted that “the two sides reviewed a number of future steps and actions to activate bilateral relations and sustain communication and consultation on political and security developments in the region.

Source: NINA News

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