Iraq Political News: Maliki, Obama to meet end of October next

Premier Nouri al-Maliki’s media advisor Ali al-Mussawi disclosed that timing was set for a meeting between Premier Maliki and US President Barack Obama.

Her denied reports that Obama refused to meet Maliki, but added that Iraq called for postponing the meeting due to Maliki’s visit to India.

Kuwaiti Al-Qabas daily reported that the US administration rejected a request from the Iraqi government for a meeting between Maliki and Obama during the UN General Assembly sessions.

It added that Maliki cancelled his visit due to this rejection, but Iraqi vice-president Khudhair al-Khuza’I took part in the UN deliberations.

The paper pointed out that the US rejection was due to “the mal-administration of Maliki and does not want to show its support in the light of coming Iraqi elections next year”.

It added that “Washington wanted to avoid skirmishes with Saudi Arabia, which is upset for postponing the strike against Syria and its sudden openness for Iranian politics”.

Aswat Al-Iraq

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