Recognizing the potential opportunity associated with investing in the Iraqi Dinar, Ali Agha founded Dinar Trade. With more than 30 years of foreign currency exchange experience, Agha was one of the first in the world to pioneer the public purchase of Iraqi Dinars. Now, Dinar Trade provides innovative programs, incentives and educational insights to millions of Iraqi Dinar and exotic currency exchange investors throughout the United States and abroad.

Purchasing Iraqi currency represents a unique opportunity to invest in an emerging democracy and contribute to the country's economic development. Dinar Trade makes it simple to obtain information about, buy or sell Iraqi Dinar at With a repository of in-depth information, unique promotions, flexible payment options and guaranteed 24 hour overnight shipping, Dinar Trade makes it simple to learn about, buy or sell Iraqi Dinar.

Dinar Trade only imports currencies of non-criminal origins, cleared though U.S. Customs, verified on a De La Rue authentication machine and guaranteed authentic with a certificate of authenticity. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and remains committed to ensuring an expeditious, secure exchange through only the highest standards of quality performance and customer support.

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