If you would like to sell/exchange the currency that you are holding, you may do so by using the method below.

XChange of America will only purchase verified and authenticated currency from any customer who purchased it through DinarTrade.com. Kindly provide a copy of a valid government ID (Driver's license preferred) with all transactions to ensure proper compliance with all State and Federal laws.

If you would like to sell your currency through your IRA account click here.

Dinar Trade works closely with First State Depository and Gold Silver Vault, holding accounts at both. Dinar holdings at either depository may easily be traded back to Dinar Trade. Kindly take the following steps:

Step 1: Place a sell order on our website using the payment information for your IRA account.

  • It is critical that the funds go back to your IRA, unless you are taking a withdrawal. Dinar Trade cannot provide financial advice. We recommend you speak with an accountant or your IRA agent.
  • Kindly make note in the comments box regarding the depository the currency is being held at, and that the funds will be transferred into our account.

Step 2: Notify the depository of the sale. Request for the currency to be transferred into our account (Dinar Trade).

  • The depository will notify Dinar Trade of the transfer.
  • Once confirmed we will issue payment as entered on your sale form.

Exchange in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Select the currency you have

Select the currency you would like to exchange from the list below.


Step 2
Select the currency you want

Select which currency and/or precious metals you would like to receive.


Step 3
Enter your delivery information

Enter and confirm your Shipping or Banking information.


Iraqi Dinar Background

Kindly note: XChange of America will send out your payment within four (4) business days of receipt of your currency.

Step1: Select the currency you would like to sell/exchange

Rate Per Million

$650.00 (circulated)

Iraqi Dinar

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Rate Per Million


Vietnamese Dong

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Rate Per Million


Indonesian Rupiah

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South Korean Won

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Chinese Yuan

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