Investors that have been accumulating the new Iraqi Dinar since it was introduced in 2003 to aid the country's growth and economic development may be motivated to sell their Iraqi Dinar after a period of time. As Iraq continues to grow economically and prosper, changes in the market or exchange rate may prompt this desire. Whether you are familiar with the process, or a novice, Dinar Trade can assist you. Should you need to liquidate, or merely sell a portion of your Iraqi Dinar, Dinar Trade makes its simple.

Whether you are buying or selling Iraqi Dinar, you are still contributing to the prosperity and economic growth of Iraq. Your investment in this emerging democracy aids the recovery and long term stability of the country. The Central Bank of Iraq's website,, always lists the most current exchange rates, as does Dinar Trade at Dinar Trade works directly with the Central Bank of Iraq where the company's Iraqi Dinar are accepted. Americans generally consider Iraqi Dinar as exotic currency and are therefore, often unfamiliar with the exchange process. Dinar Trade is an expert in currency exchange and assists its clients in selling Iraqi Dinar. Dinar Trade accepts Iraqi Dinar at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq minus $150 U.S. dollars per million Iraqi Dinars.

Dinar Trade provides a simple, easy to use form to facilitate the exchange of your Iraqi Dinar. To access this form, click here. Please enter the requested information including the amount of Iraqi Dinars you wish to sell, your name and address where to forward your payment. Wire transfer is available for orders over $10,000 U.S. dollars. Should you wish to have your funds wired, please have your banking information readily accessible.

For more information about selling Iraqi Dinar, please call 1.877.770.7660 or visit